Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No Name Calling Week: Video Retrospective

Last week was national "No Name Calling Week," a week where schools across America focus on the impact of words on students.  Oftentimes student groups, including Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs), will make videos to help get awareness out amongst their peers and in their communities.  Below is a sampling of the creativity from some wonderful young people to help combat bullying.

This next video is particularly poignant, as it comes from a GSA at a school in Nashville, Tennessee. Tennessee is where a bill is currently moving through the legislature known as the "License to Bully" bill, very similar to one that was moving through Michigan a few months ago.:
"What this bill would do, if passed, would give students the ability to justify bullying their peers that are gay or perceived to be gay by pointing to a political or religious conviction." (source: 
Given the number of suicides attributed in part to anti-gay harassment and bullying across the country, what kind of message does legislation like this send?  This video, then, is doubly courageous.

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