Wednesday, February 6, 2013

National School Counseling Week 2013: Wednesday

I love flowers.  These were given to me this morning by one of my students as I walked into school.  Since there is no natural light in our offices, they really helped to brighten the place up:

This whole week, students create posters, decorate our offices, bake sugary treats, design watercolor cards with poems, and bring us small tokens of their appreciation, such as these flowers, to celebrate National School Counseling Week.  I often think about the fact that there are so many negative news stories and perceptions out there of youth.  It concerns me, because this is not what I see every day in my work.  I am privileged to see young people do positive things on a daily basis.  Some are large, like our Student Government Association partnering with us to implement a week-long anti-bullying campaign.  Some are small, such as the other day when a student of mine was kind enough to give a new student a tour of the school to make him feel welcome.  More often than not, though, in moments that really count, I see kids taking care of each other, being compassionate, overcoming obstacles, thinking through deep life questions, and engaging with the world in a positive manner.

At one of our opening in-services, this video was shown.  As school counselors, I believe we see the children and adolescents of today not as empty shells, but rather as full of hope and promise:

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