Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear 40-year-old Me

This video has been put out by the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, an organization that helps kids in Illinois advocate for safe schools and an end to bullying and harassment of LGBT teens.  If you have never worked with LGBT youth, some of what they share may shock you.  Not only are these kids at a higher risk of harassment and bullying at school but they can also face harassment and estrangement from their families.  Imagine being a teenager and losing your support system at home.  This is why school counselors and supportive staff and adults at school can be so important.  It is clear that the Safe Schools Alliance has helped to give these children hope and taught them how to advocate for themselves, whether at their own schools or at a legislative level, to effect change.  As a result, their futures, 40 years from now or otherwise, look bright.

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